League Results

Rosie Swift scored 2.60 in the pole vault and thus became one of the best among her peers in the last competition that was held in her region, and Alicia Kay scored 5.63 with her long jump in her last competition that was held this year which also placed her on the first place. Our League results speak for themselves with numerous athletes that scored the highest results on various competition that were held in our local communities. We are proud of our leagues and the results they got.

Logan Sutton got the score of 15.28 in the triple jump athletic discipline which is one of the highest in this category. Oscar Lowe competed and won first place with his score of 2.07 in the high jump discipline.

For the last year, the best in our trails disciplines are Grace Myers and Billy Morton witch competed in sprints and middle-distance. Grace does excel in middle-distance and shows great potential, while Billy is one of our fastest sprinters with great results not just in local but in regional competitions too, and they often get the first place

Our younger juniors got impressive results too. Sophie Perry scored 12.63 in the 100-meter sprint in the last competition, and Joe Wyatt scored 42.37 in the discus throw disciplines with the weight of 1.5kg. Oliver Begum got 54.20 in the javelin throw wich weighted 700 gr. All of these athletes got first place in the competition.