These are our top five young athletes under the age of 18 of which we are very proud. They show us unbelievable talent, dedication, and love for athletic every day.

Ellie Coles began to train very early in her life and therefore she has invaluable long experience in the athletics and great possibilities for a rich professional career. Her main discipline and biggest love is a long jump in which it shows enviable results, although she does often compete in other similar disciplines. At the last championship, she won the bronze medal and she does continue to achieve remarkable results within her age group.

Harold Nelson pretends to become one of the future young stars in the javelin throw, especially because he soon ceases to be young athletes under 18 years old. His perseverance and commitment, as well as his unbelievable talent, put him on the list of new young hopes in the future of this sport.

Evan Robertson has been training in most of running disciplines, and he persistently shows enviable results in most local and major junior competitions and has won numerous medals in major competitions. He shows a great talent in more than one discipline and plans to engage in sports professionally and build a career that will certainly be noticed. Evan still has enough time to decide in which category he wishes to dedicate himself as he is fifteen years old. But no matter what he chooses, his talent and dedication will lead him quite far.

Nathan Freeman began to be interested more seriously in athletics after he won the first place in every sprint competition in his elementary school, every time. He has been even more seriously engaged in this discipline of athletics since high school, and he easily qualified for numerous other competitions outside his region. He does plan to pursue this sports career quite seriously and we do see great potential in him, as he is one of the best five athletes under the age of eighteen.

Natasha Matthews shows incredible talent in a high jump and a pole jump even though she showed interest in athletic a little bit later than her peers. She does not have the experience and years of training like her peers but she does show us everyday incredible results and her medals from numerous competitions tell us that she is one of the new young hopes of this discipline.