Stadium Locations

There are many great places and stadiums for young athletes to exercise and compete. You could say that the stadium has always been a place where great athletes are born and made. We strongly believe in this philosophy and that is why our stadiums are a great place for young and upcoming athletes to exercise and compete.

Hampshire – Our stadium in Hampshire is a mix of athletics areas and playing fields. It has a four-lane running track made of tartan, great for any young runner. Next, to the track, we have a jumping area where long and triple jumps are performed. Next, to the athletics area, there are two playing fields, one for soccer and one for basketball. We annually host high school competitions and matches at this stadium.


Oxfordshire – The stadium in Oxfordshire is our best equipped one. This stadium is for athletics only. It has a six-lane running track surrounded by a couple of areas for other athletic disciplines. Our young athletes can practice disc, javelin and hammer throwing in these areas. This stadium has been renovated recently and now the athletes can enjoy the brand new dressing rooms. Also, two new seating stands have been added as we plan on hosting some athletics events in the near future.

Bristol – Lastly, our stadium in Bristol is our oldest and most known. Of course, just because it’s old does not mean we let it crumble. This stadium is maintained regularly as it is our pride. Many professional athletes began their sports careers in this stadium. It has a four-lane running track and next to it a couple of areas for jumping and exercise. Also, to the left of the track, we have a rugby field, in case our athletes would like to engage in a little friendly competition.

All three of these stadiums have one thing in common, to promote the spirit of good sportsmanship and healthy competition. Our mission is to show young athletes the value of sport, how to overcome different obstacles and how to come out on top.