Young Athletes League – Athletes of the Match 

Andriana Patterson

Our young athlete Andriana Patterson (14) delighted the community with great results at the beginning of the open season. Her spear heavy 400 grams flew 53.80 meters at the championship for senior pioneers. But there was no chance that Adriana was stopping there because she also tried and competed for younger juniors by throwing a 500-gram spear to 46.69 meters. Naturally, this is not her best result, because in April she spat at 48.88 meters.

Her many of her results in this age and category are truly amazing. Adriana threw a very close shot at pioneering competition, but in order to avoid confusion, it must be noted that she threw a spear that is 200 grams lighter. But it is clear that we have a new athletic diamond, which, if it continues to develop in this direction, will bring much joy to our country. There is no more dilemma, we do not have to worry about the future in the athletics.


Adriana regularly goes to school and is involved in her local community where volunteers with her local church and with her older sister she is a regular help an animal shelter. This young girl is an inspiration because she shows that with dedication and love to sports, everything is possible. Andriana plans to be a professional athlete and to help her mother and older sister have a better and more secure life. She is determined that if she doesn’t succeed as an athlete she will be a veterinarian because as she said, she loves to help those in need and to show them that they deserve love and that the world is a great place for everyone.

Pattersons love to this sport was born at a very young age as her cousins with whom she played as little also competed in this discipline of athletic but they soon stopped the pursuit of a more serious career as they fell in love with other vocations. Adriana is determined not to give up and her high scores do show us that she is quite serious in fulfilling her dreams.

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